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PVSA Award 2022

Volunteers Awarded PVSA

President's Volunteer Service Awards The President’s Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity to honor volunteers' outstanding contributions and recognize their impact. The organization's 200+ members are impacting global youth's wellness by creating various programs and opportunities to raise awareness of wellness and how to improve it.

Together they have contributed more than 5000 hours of volunteering in the year 2022. We are thankful to our volunteers and their work over the past year. They have contributed to the following programs:

- K-Life Teens Magazine Read more about this program here >>

- K-Life Health Guide School Program Read more about this program here >>

- K-Life Online Tutoring Read more about this program here >>


We are pleased to announce that the following volunteers received PVSA in 2021-2022. Please note: To receive PVSA, you have to apply for it. If you are interested please email To know about PVSA awards, check out here The following volunteers applied, qualified, and received Gold, Silver, or Bronze PVSA Medals and certificate. (the list is in no particular order)

Leanne Radieddine - Gold

Aarna PM - Bronze

Poojak Patel - Gold

Ohm Rajpal - Bronze

Rishabh Bhavani - Gold

Raaghav Bhavani - Gold

Arna Rajpal - Gold

Namrataa Bhavani - Gold

Faris Radieddine - Bronze

Members who received PVSA in 2021, read about them here >>

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