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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow



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what is KARMANT?

KARMANT is a Sanskrit word for ‘factory'!


It relates to the organization helping youth to ‘manufacture’ their best selves.

Young Volunteers

We founded KARMANT Learning in December of 2019 when we noticed that a lot of kids our age are struggling with big life issues. We ourselves have challenges. And we know that there are a lot of young people that have even more and bigger challenges than we do. So, we wanted to find out how to help ourselves and our friends and all the students and kids like us who have important questions about growing up in today’s world.

In our research, we found a lot of great information from the scientific community that has helped us and our friends enormously. 

And the best part is that we found that there are ways to apply this information to our lives that are fun and amazingly simple.

So, we thought it would be important to share this information with other young students. 

And that is why we created KARMANT Learning.


A note from founders
RAAGHAV, RISHABH & Namrataa Bhavani


Why we started KARMANT Learning, what and how are we doing it!

hear from us about our story


At KARMANT Learning, we are addressing the burgeoning rates of depression and suicide among young people, statistics that prove youth need fitness and nutrition advice, and overall wellness support, and the isolation wrought by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.


Mental HEAlth

Social skills

study skills



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