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Teacher and Kids in Library
“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.”

– Shawn Hitchcock




  • Founder and lead speech-language pathologist of Hope Therapies

  •  She is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist with 27 years of diverse clinical and supervisory experience.

  • She focuses on increasing communication with all members of any multi-disciplinary team including parents and caregivers.



  • Master’s Degree in International Business from Thunderbird in Arizona.

  • Teaching Certificate from the University of North Georgia and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in Middle School and High School Mathematics, Science, Spanish and Gifted Education with coursework in Exceptional Child Education.

  • 20+ years, developing sales and support networks for top American technology and intellectual property companies throughout Latin America and around the world. 

  • 10 years teaching High School.

  • 3 years developing and teaching SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) courses.

  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Father of 2 boys.



  • Mentor and Director of USEAST - NJ Karmant Learning

  • Supporter of Social Engagement, CSR, and UN SDGs

  • 20+ Years experience in Technology Consulting

  • B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering

  • Father of 2 hyper boys.



  • Voice culture expert & voice trainer for 21 years

  • Permanent voice culture lecturer at Dilli Durbar, the annually held largest classical music festival in India.

  • Guest lecturer at UCLA

  • Voice consultant to professional bollywood artists

  • Theater Artist 

  • International TV and radio artist including BBC Channel 4

  • Vocalist, lyricist and composer

  • Corporate Communications & Management experience of over 15 years with top Indian advertising companies

  • Published work : ‘My 90 days to 100% Singing Success” The achiever’s Journal

  • Founder and Director Sur n Soul Entertainment

  • Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology Honors

  • Mother of teenage daughter




  • Master of Arts, Forensic Psychology

  • Certified Spiritual Coach and Certified Life Coach, working with Founders, CEO, Executives in entertainment and media, as well as some actors and other performers, public officials, and those who previously have experienced trauma, illness, abuse, or contact with the justice system, but have an inner calling to use their gifts to make a great change in the world

  • 12 years experience working with at-risk youth, families, victims, and mentally disordered offenders in the education, justice, social services, and mental health systems

  • 9 years experience in digital media and entertainment

  • 7 years experience competitive dance and gymnastics instructor/choreographer for youth ages 3-18

  • Volunteer, Vanderpump Dog Foundation





  • Over 15 years experience in technology/software (SaaS)

  • Held various executive positions with an automotive start up - helped to grow the company from 12 employees to 1200, $2M revenue to $200M

  • Passionate about building and managing high functioning teams through compassion and lifting others up

  • Founder of Bindr - software to help with parent/school communication

  • Co-Founder of Hatch Brighter - a interactive guide for parents to help teach their kids life skills such as Gratitude, Failing Forward, Emotional Intelligence

  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems

  • Mom of 2 Girls



  • Ph.D., RN, RYTT, FDN-P

  • A certified yoga instructor from YogaWorks with more than 8 years of experience in teaching yoga to all age groups, from pre-school level to 100 years old!!!

  • Had a great opportunity to help many special need kids and adults with several health limitations.

  • With a strong desire to be able to help everyone in a holistic way, I recently added certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner!

  • I am dedicated to helping people live their best lives.

  • Mother of 2 kids.



  • Mentorship Coordinator and Educational Innovator

  • Leads the on-boarding and integration process for volunteers

  • Matches volunteer skills and interests with appropriate KARMANT programs

  • Maintains a safe and nurturing environment for diverse student groups

  • Facilitates partnerships with universities for successful virtual internship programs

  • Develops and oversees the creation of wellness content for youth

  • Provides comprehensive mentorship fostering academic and personal growth

  • Champions education as a fundamental tool for empowerment and community development



  • Professor of Psychology at Mt San Antonio College

  • Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor with her own yoga studio YogaBody in Chino

  • Her specialty is Human Development, Effective Parenting Skills, and Stress Reduction through Mindful Meditation.

  • She has written a children’s book called The Giving Children, whose motto is “happy parents have happy children.”

  • Her greatest joys in life are:

               * her two sons
              * teaching
              * helping people reduce stress and find peace through mindfulness.

Director of Operations

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