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Honorary Service Award

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

California State PTA's Honorary Service Award

May 10th, 2022 Awards can give tremendous encouragement to keep doing what we are doing and to do it even better. It was a great honor for KARMANT Learning's founder, Rishabh Bhavani, to receive the California State PTA's Honorary Service Award - "Very Special Person Award" for his services to the school community. Rishabh has created a KARMANT Learning school club at ANHS to be able to make the organization's content more accessible to the school's kids and also provide an opportunity to the school kids to volunteer at the organization.

"I am honored to receive California State PTA's Honorary Service Award. The award was presented by Dr. Lewis who is the Aliso Niguel High School's (ANHS) KARMANT Learning Club Advisor.

Dr. Lewis's support of the organization has been very instrumental in where we are now. Some of the things Dr. Lewis said while presenting the award is how the KARMANT Learning ANHS Club and the KARMANT Learning Organization have not only created a movement in Aliso but also around the world by providing youth with various learning opportunities and wellness support.

I had the opportunity in the last two years to meet with youth locally and around the globe through various networking opportunities, who believed in the mission of the organization and have become a part of it. Receiving this award is an achievement and a credit to all involved with the KARMANT Learning organization." - Rishabh Bhavani

This award given by Califonia State PTA and presented by ANHS PTSA shows that the schools and the school faculty want to encourage the school students in their initiatives and want to support them in every way to be successful. We would like to thank California State PTA and ANHS PTSA for this honor and recognition.

Open a KARMANT Learning School Club or become a Regional Manager If you want to open a KARMANT Learning school club at your school or become a regional manager, email Checkout various regions we have regional managers:

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