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Uplifted Youth

KARMANT Realms is an AI-powered youth wellness platform focused on transforming the landscape of youth health and wellness. Born out of a desire to meet the specific and diverse wellness needs of youths aged 10 to 24, our platform empowers its users by providing personalized wellness solutions created by the youth, for the youth.

We leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, an engaging user interface, and our strong background in youth wellness content creation to bridge the gap between traditional wellness approaches and the unique needs of the millennial and Gen Z populations.

Our mission is to foster a stronger, healthier future by empowering our youth today. At KARMANT Realms, we're not just promoting wellness; we're revolutionizing it.


Explore KARMANT Realms
Unveiling Our Unique Wellness Platform

KARMANT Realms is a ground-breaking wellness platform designed to meet the distinct needs of today's youth. Embedded with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, our platform goes beyond generic wellness solutions. We champion customization by offering a broad spectrum of wellness content, tools, and resources suited to individual user's needs and preferences.

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Peer Empowerment

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Educational Partnerships

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AI- Powered Customization

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Insights Driven Approach

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Trust & Credibility

Fostering Wellness with Comprehensive Integration, Peer Empowerment, and AI-Driven Customization

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Main Dashboard

For seamless user experience, our platform features a comprehensive dashboard that serves a multitude of purposes. From wellness tracking to accessing wellness resources, the dashboard simplifies navigation and allows users to have a real-time snapshot of their wellness journey. In addition, users can share their insights and experiences, fostering a community of support and shared growth.

Wellness in Your Hands

Mobile App - Enriching Youth's Wellness Journey, Anytime, Anywhere

Complementing the main dashboard is our mobile app, ensuring our users have access to wellness support, resources, and community interaction anytime, anywhere. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it mimics the functionalities of our main dashboard but in a more mobile and readily accessible format.

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Meet The Founders

Four years ago, the founders embarked on a journey with KARMANT Learning. It was that experience that sparked the idea for KARMANT Realms. Seeing first hand the need for a comprehensive tool to guide youth on their wellness journeys, Rishabh, Raaghav, and Namrataa pooled their knowledge, experience, and skills to build this platform. Their collective understanding of youth wellness, technology, and learning resources are what make our team uniquely qualified and committed to making KARMANT Realms a success.

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We have an opportunity to empower youth to embark on a personalized journey of wellness.


By integrating AI, we can provide them with an engaging, interactive, and effective platform for learning, self-care, and building supportive networks.

Join us in fostering youth wellness on a global scale and we can bring this transformative tool to schools worldwide.

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