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Through the K-LIFE SCHOOL CLUB Program, you will have the opportunity to empower kids and youth in your school, by providing them with personal development tools that KARMANT Learning provides. While students inspire and teach each other they will also learn so much about themselves.

What is the K-LIFE SCHOOL CLUB Program ?

The K-LIFE SCHOOL CLUB Program was developed to provide a safe and structured environment for students to meet with friends and peers that have similar interests in exploring important health and personal development topics.

What are the different activities you can do at your school club?

Monthly Health Letter with Monthly Health Goals

Every month students will receive a K-LIFE Health Letter by email that will provide them with a health goal for that month.

Featured Student Articles on Health Goals

Each monthly goal will feature a student written article on that goal.

Monthly K-LIFE Challenge


Track Weekly Health Goals

Read Monthly Book

Hear Weekly Podcast

Inspire Friends and Family

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Weekly Videos By Students About Health Goals

Inspiring students created videos on various health goals.

​Weekly Email/Social Media Updates

Students will receive weekly messages by email and social media that will remind and inspire them and help them keep track of their monthly goals.

Daily Goal Trackers

Daily trackers to keep track of monthly goals and learn new habits.

Peer to Peer Support Network

Peer to Peer Support (tutoring and hotline) for Social-Emotional needs.

The K-LIFE School Club Program was developed to be easy for students to start under their School Club guidelines. Check with your school administration and feel free to reach out to us for an information kit or any other inquiry at

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